Friday, May 10, 2013


I was born in the village which is located on the river side of Thamira bharani. Thamira bharani river is flowing in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. Our village is surrounded by water ponds, paddy fields and water canals. I studied at Palayamkottai, which is 3 Km away from our village. I used to go to school along with our village boys by walking thorough paddy fields. Almost every day I used to see water snake, rat snake and green snake in and around our village as well as on the way to school. This is a common affair in our day to day life. In my life time I have seen cobra only few times. Cobras are called “nalla pambu” in Tamil. “nalla pambu”means Good snake. First time when I saw the cobra with raised hood just in front my feet within 1 feet distance, I was terribly afraid. I ran away to home and I fell sick. I suffered from typhoid fever for one and half months. This incident happened at the age of 15.Again at age of 33 a cobra entered my house. During that period I had to face litigations for property dispute.
On the third occasion, when my wife was standing in front of our house with the child in the hand, a cobra just climbed over the feet of her and went away. That day was SivaRathri day. From that day onwards our financial position improved.
Anything common is not a indicator of Future events, but the uncommon is the sure indicator of future events. They are called omens.